How it works

We’re building a digital customer journey that provides you with a customisable mortgage offer within minutes.

Maximise your buying power

GroupLadder lets you take out a mortgage as a group of 3 or more borrowers.

Unlike other lenders, we will take into account the incomes of all the borrowers in your group when we decide how much to lend to you. This usually means that we can lend you significantly more.

Revolutionised application

We make applying as a group easy.

When you start an application, you can add or remove borrowers as you go. Each individual completes his or her own application and when you’ve all finished, we give an offer tailored to your group. To apply, you’ll need an ID (Driver’s License or Passport) and a phone with a camera. It should take about 10 minutes.

Hassle-free buying

Use our integrated conveyancing services.

When you’ve had an offer accepted, GroupLadder gives you the option of using our preferred conveyancing solicitors.

We’ve partnered with them to save you time and money. Instead of taking a referral fee for your business, we’ve asked them to deduct this from what they charge you.

Easy payments

Our Borrower App makes it easy for you to manage your monthly repayments as a group.

You can set up separate direct debits for each borrower in the group and use our app to adjust how much each of you pays.

For example, if there are three of you living together and you have a monthly repayment of £1,500, you don’t have to split that evenly. We understand that someone with a lower salary or the smallest room might be contributing less. You decide how you split the repayment, and we’ll track your individual contributions.

Track your ownership

We provide accounting services to each borrower through our app, letting you track how your home equity grows over time.

If you opt into our dynamic ownership ledger, we track how each owner has contributed towards the deposit and subsequent mortgage repayments, making sure that your ownership split reflects your financial contributions. This way, when the time comes to exit the property, or re-mortgage, everyone gets their fair share.

Housing prenups

Living together can be complicated, so we provide you with the tools to make it simple.

Your customised legal contract – your “prenup” – sets out how to manage scenarios that could arise while owning a home together. We ask the questions, but you decide what goes into your prenup.