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What makes this calculator different?

How many people are in your group?

Please enter the income and expenditure of each borrower

Monthly expenditure should include all regular expenses such as groceries, transport, utilities, and entertainment. If you have a Student Loan, include the monthly repayment. Don’t include one-off expenses such as holidays.

We've pre-filled the expenditure box based on the borrower income, but feel free to amend.

How much could we lend to you?

The deposit

We calculate how much you could borrow based on your incomes, then calculate the deposit you’d need to qualify for this loan amount. However, if you know what you have for a deposit, enter this on the results page and we'll recalculate the loan amount for you. This calculator assumes a minimum 10% deposit.

The interest rate

This calculator applies a 4.0% fixed rate to determine the amount of your monthly repayments. Unlike other mortgage lenders, we apply a different interest rate to each borrower that is determined by our assessment of your risk profile. This is why you won't find a pricing schedule on our website.

The term

This calculator assumes a mortgage term of 25 years. When you borrow with us, you’ll have the option to extend this up to 35 years or to shorten it. Extending the mortgage term reduces the amount you repay on a monthly basis.



Maximum loan size

Minimum deposit requirement

Total house price

Total monthly repayment

*split proportional to borrower income

Thanks for your interest! Considering your group’s high combined income and substantial buying power, the rules that we apply to calculate your loan amount are different to those used by this Calculator. Join the Waiting List and we’ll invite you to apply in due course. If you have any questions, please message us at [email protected]

The small print

The calculator's estimates are necessarily approximate and do not constitute an offer to lend by GroupLadder. Any future lending decision will depend on factors that include, but are not limited to, your source of income, actual expenditures, any other liabilities or obligations that you may have (i.e. debts), and your credit score as provided by a third party credit reference agency. We will never perform credit checks without your explicit permission and no checks are carried out when you use the Calculator. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know at [email protected]