Team up to get on the property ladder

Whether you want to buy with friends or are getting help from the Bank of Mum and Dad, our multi-borrower mortgage can lend you more.

Mortgages made smarter


Boosts buying power

Mobile application in minutes

Same-day offer

Borrower support services

Traditional Lender

Lends against only 2 incomes

In person, drawn out process

Weeks to receive an offer

Zero homeowner support

Next generation mortgages

Team up

Pool financial resources with friends or family to afford more

Hassle-free application

With just a phone and an ID, you can complete your application in minutes

Homeowner support

We make co-ownership easy with free legal and accounting support


We plan to issue our first mortgages in 2019

How it works

Maximise your buying power

We accommodate groups of 3 or more borrowers, whether you all plan to live together or not.

We account for all incomes in your group when deciding how much to lend. This usually means that we can lend you significantly more than a bank, which will cap you at 2 incomes. To find out more about how we do this, see our FAQs.

Apply in minutes

Our digital platform makes applying as a group easy.

You can add or remove co-borrowers as you go. Each individual completes his or her own application and, when you’ve all finished, we provide an offer tailored to your group. To apply, you’ll need an ID (Driver’s License or Passport) and a phone.

Tailor your housing prenup

Co-owning a property has its complications, so we provide you with the tools to make it simple.

Your customisable legal contract the - “prenup” - establishes ground rules for co-owning and cohabiting. The housing prenup is integrated with our app so you can manage your home finances from your phone.

Make payments simply

Our Borrower App makes it easy for you to manage your monthly repayments as a group.

We collect repayments from each individual borrower, not from a single group account. You can use our app to adjust who pays what each month. It doesn’t have to be split evenly and we record what you each pay over time.

Track your ownership

We provide free accounting services to track the home equity of each co-owner.

By allocating financial contributions (deposit, monthly repayments) to individual accounts and reflecting this in a dynamic equity ledger, we ensure a fair ownership split of the property.

Exit with GroupLadder’s help

We provide support when circumstances change.

Want to sublet a room or the whole property? We’ll provide you with the necessary legal support. Want to sell but your co-owners don’t? We’ll refinance your co-owners to buy you out where affordability criteria are met, or support a sale of your share to a new buyer.

We also offer the GroupLadder Backstop to our existing borrowers. This is an equity loan (similar to the government’s Help-to-Buy scheme) which we use to buy out individual borrowers from their groups while keeping their co-owners in the property.